HD Weather Resistant Outdoor Video Projector with Remote

The Night Stars Celebration Series HD Outdoor Video Projector is a must have if your goal is to be the most spectacular house on the block around the holidays or if you really love that nostalgic feeling of a drive-in movie theater.

This Outdoor Video Projector is not only ultra-bright with 3,000 lumens to light up your home or indoor/outdoor theater, but it also displays your videos in crystal clear high definition (1980 x 720ppi)!


  • Projects video with sound
  • Wide projection displays seasonal animations on large outdoor areas
  • Durable ABS body, metal lawn stake and stand
  • Includes 5 animations for winter holidays, Halloween, and 4th of July
  • Ultra-bright 3000 lumen LEDs create crisp, clear images
  • Instant atmosphere for parties and entertaining
  • 1980x720, HDMI output, audio output, internal speaker
  • Auto on/off light sensor-timer
  • Use included video or project your own media


  • Video Projector
  • IR remote
  • Tripod
  • 2GB SD card pre-loaded with holiday scenes
NIGHT STARS US PATENTS US 9,458,994 B1, US 9,546,775 B1, US 9,562,673 B1, US D765,906 S, US D766,483 S, US D766,484 S, US D773, 707 S

Spooky and Seasonal

It's not just about having any sort of decorations on your home it's about having the best. Our Halloween projections look scary and work well with other yard decorations so you can have that haunted house feel.

Decorate Year Round

This projector also comes with 12 total holiday videos that will keep you using it all year long. Don't swap out projectors or constantly keep buying new ones, get the projector that lasts all year round for your friends and family.

Absolutely Stunning

Easy to setup and looks amazing. Don't waste time and money on other lights that don't get you the projections you want. The images look clear, are easy to setup and will have everyone asking you where you got them.

"I love my Night Stars Projector, it's easy to use and my family loves it too. Now I don't have to get up on the house and decorate with lights every year. It really is that easy and it holds up in the winter just like it says."

David Gretio

"All my neighbors ask me where I got it. The Night Stars Projector is the real deal. Don't wait to find the right one, this is the best one and you already found it. I've been through dozens of lights and everytime I get it from the shed it works."

Brian Opewin

"Halloween is my favorite time of year and this projector has so many cool videos. I have several products from Nights Stars, they all last and everything I use works as advertised. Couldn't ask for anything more."

Lindsey Yorvek

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