Breathtaking Worldwide Coverage of Laser and LED Lights

February 15, 2017

Laser light display on a house

Laser lights have taken the world by storm. Whether it’s an awe-inspiring choreography of lights at your favorite music concert or the glittering lights you use to bathe your house around the holidays, it’s clear lasers and LEDs are the future!

But we’re not the only folks who have taken notice of this trend. In fact, many well-known media outlets have perked up as well and devoted coveted space in their periodicals and broadcasts to cover laser and LED lights!

Here, we’ve presented a few of the most notable news organizations that have taken a shine to LED and laser lighting!

National Public Radio

The revered public radio outlet, NPR, ran a story about laser lights on one of their most listened-to shows, Morning Edition. Their piece entitled, “Laser Lights: Modern Convenience Clashes With Holiday Tradition,” covered the two disputing factions, the old school strings-and-stapling and the new school laser and LED light, and their approaches and arguments to holiday lighting.

“My cousin calls them lazy lights,” one young girl remarked about the lights. Her father, a man known about the neighborhood for his light displays, imbued in her the tradition of scaling the ladder and hanging lights the decidedly old fashion (and sometimes dangerous) way.

By the end of the piece, the girl’s father relents. “You know, when it's 40 degrees and it's misting out and your hands are numb and you're like, why? Why am I doing this every year?” It sounds like, one day, there’ll be another convert to laser and LED outdoor lighting! 

The New York Times

Even the nation’s most well-known and trusted news organization like the New York Times has taken note of laser holiday lights.

In their article, “Let It Glow! With Lasers, a Holiday Home Decorating Craze Takes Off” the Times espouse many of the same sentiments consumers caught onto years ago. Chiefly, the organization asks if laser light projectors “like the iPhone, will revolutionize and disrupt an entire industry — in this case, the Christmas industrial complex.”

If we have anything to say about it— absolutely they will! Laser lights are the safe, smart and economical choice for consumers and, just like the iPhone, help to improve the way we live! 


It’s not just radio and print organizations that have begun to expand their coverage of holiday laser lights but newfound digital-only periodicals like c|net.  In their article, they embrace the laser light trend by acknowledging that laser light projectors are easy on your wallet and take just a little under ten minutes to set up a beautifully shining holiday laser light display. “If putting up string after string of Christmas lights seems like too much effort this year,” the author writes. “Get projection lights.”

The article is a wonderful beginner’s guide to all your holiday laser light questions, including some of the key differences between laser and LED lights as well as the benefits of buying some of the more quality models. Certainly check it out if you’re new to the laser light game!

The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe’s coverage of laser light displays underlines a very important safety measure with which we at Night Stars wholly agree.

In the article, The Federal Aviation Administration warns consumers using laser lights that “The… lasers — regardless of the source — not be aimed at aircraft where the beams can threaten the safety of a flight… Consumers who buy laser light displays should take precautions to make sure that the lights are hitting their houses and not shining off into the sky.”

According to the article, FAA statistics noted that lasers struck six aircrafts within six hours on a busy Boston morning around the holidays. Furthermore, authorities in Sacramento, California, and Dallas, Texas found that holiday laser lights had interfered with aircrafts in flight.

Laser light displays are beautiful and completely safe when used correctly. The more consumers get turned onto these amazing gadgets, the more it will become important to make sure you have them pointed in the right direction!

Laser Lights are Coming to Town

Laser light displays have gone from nightclubs to homes to the biggest stages in the world and now the pages of your favorite newspaper. With the amount of consumers choosing laser lights over old school string lights increasing every day, you can be sure it won’t be long until everyone knows the good news of laser holiday lights!

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