5 Unique Autumn Decorations for 2017

September 04, 2017

5 Unique Autumn Decorations for 2017

It’s time to say goodbye to the summer and hello to fall by adding a few gorgeous touches to your home. Nothing says fall more than roaring fireplaces, brightly colored leaves, and everything in seasonal colors. The only thing you have to figure out is what you want to do to decorate your home. 

While you may be tempted to go all-out with Halloween decorations, there are countless autumn decorations that don’t have to do with Halloween. Instead, you can focus on the rustic beauty that brings you back to nature and reminds you that the fall harvest is all about bounty and plenty.

In particular, we love décor that brings to mind cooler temperatures, fall colors, and the changing of nature. From the exterior to the interior of your home, these five unique autumn decorations are sure to give your home a sense of style that you’ll love.


Fall is the perfect time to add a wreath or two to your home. And really, they can be used anywhere. Dress up your front door with a wreath made out of burlap and decorated with brightly colored leaves or fall flowers. You can even take it in a more unique direction by adding husked corn as bobbles or small pumpkins and squash. 

However, wreaths aren’t just for outside. They also make great decorations for over your fireplace or as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table. The key is to choose a wreath style that is as flamboyant or subtle as you are.

Do you need some ideas?

CountryLiving has you covered with 40 Gorgeous Fall Wreaths made of everything from wheat to apples, flowers, and twigs.

Autumn Decorations - Wreath


Image from Crafts Unleashed.

LED Laser Candle 

Fall is that time of the year when the sun starts setting earlier and rising later, and the temperature starts dropping. That’s why many of our favorite autumn decorations have to do with bringing in light. One of the best ways to do that is with a LED Laser Candle. 

LED Candles provide the gentle, flickering light of a real fire without you having to worry about flame. Even better, our LED Candles let you set a timer so you can control when it starts and stops. Create a calming, approachable, seductive, and sublime atmosphere at any time. Plus, the Night Stars LED Laser Candle features red dot lasers that add a touch of warmth and harvest color to your flickering light. 

And LED Laser Candles work perfectly inside and outside. You don’t have to worry about the weather, pets, or kids and you get to enjoy candlelight at the touch of a button anywhere. 

Autumn Decorations - Laser Light Candle

From the Farm 

Autumn decorations are all about bringing us back to our roots—farming. That’s why you’ll see classic farm items all over the fall décor scene. There are a few ways to add a touch of the farm to your home.

First, accessorize with fruit, vegetables, and squash. When you think of fall, you probably think of apple picking, pumpkins, corn, wheat, and more. All of these items make great accessories to place around your house. Use a few neutral-colored pumpkins to spice up your table centerpiece, or change out your green plant in your living room with a handful of faux wheat.

Another way to add a touch of the farm is to decorate with old-school farm equipment. For example, an antique pitcher makes a great flower vase. While an old wheel burrow is the perfect container for lush fall décor on your porch.

Autumn Decorations - Wreath


Image from A Night Owl.

Printable Artwork & Signs

It seems like autumn is that time of year where printable artwork plays a big role. Framed artwork doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars; instead, it can be something you print out at home. The key is to choose a rustic style to go with the fall.

A great way to dress up a blank wall is to purchase a chalkboard with a rustic wood border or an old piece of wood. Then, write your favorite fall sayings in chalk or paint—something like, “Gather with a grateful heart” or “We are harvesting our blessings!” 

This is a great autumn decoration for above your mantel or to be used near an accent table to tie the space together.

 Autumn Decorations - Printable Artwork and Signs

Image from Hymns and Verses.

Create Cozy Seating

During the fall, it seems we always want to gather together and spend time. That’s why cozy seating areas are a great autumn decoration that offers functionality and beauty.

Start off by bringing in a rocking chair or autumn-colored seat. Then, decorate with plush and lush throw pillows and blankets. In particular, adding a blanket is an important nod of the head to crisp fall mornings and evenings. Then, you can finish setting the scene by adding a LED candle, and bringing in decorations like dried leaves and pinecones.


Image from Stone Gable Blog.


Get ready to embrace the wonder of fall with our five autumn decoration ideas. And don’t forget to share your favorite idea with us in the comments.

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