5 Awesomely Surprising Uses of LED Lights

June 13, 2017

LED Lights

There’s no denying that we think LED lights are the wave of the future. Of course we do because we at Night Stars depend on the awesome technology inside each one of our incredible LED light projectors to keep our customers smiling. But LED lights aren’t just for your beautiful home and holiday displays, in fact, they’ve got a whole host of other uses as well.

It isn’t just their utility that makes LED lights so great either. They’re proven to contain no mercury (unlike fluorescent bulbs), have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and save the United States an estimated $675 million in annual energy costs!

In this article, we’re going to look at a few of the creative ways businesses and industries have been using LEDs to better their products and make a safer, more efficient world for us all!

LED Faucet Lights

These LED faucet lights might be one of the more interesting usages of light electric diode lights we’ve seen so far! Not only do they turn that boring old tap into a veritable LED light show of its own, but they’re temperature sensitive too. This can be a legitimate lifesaver if you’ve got kids in the house that are still having trouble remembering which handle is “hot” and which is “cold.”

As you might imagine, when the water is cool, the light will turn a brilliant blue, and when the water is hot, it’ll turn a deep shade of red.

Interestingly, no batteries are needed for these lights as water pressure powers them!

LED Streetlights

Of course, it’s our homes that see the initial benefits from LED lights, but whole cities are also beginning to see the virtue of LED bulbs as well. Not only are they much more natural and soft than harsh incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, but they’re saving the environment and loads of cash too!

Over the course of four years, Los Angeles installed 140,000 LED streetlights, ending in 2013. New York City has revealed plans to retrofit 250,000 fixtures with LED lighting. Millions of dollars will be spent in the next ten or so years to improve outdoor lighting, and emerging LED tech will offer a vital chance to do it right!

LED “Fluorescent” Lights

For years, the dominating sound you’d hear walking through office buildings, hospitals or any industrial space was the buzzing fluorescent lights. Some studies have shown that fluorescent lights might actually be causing you to have health problems but now, with LEDs, you’ve finally got options!

In fact, you can outfit your entire office with LEDs and save 50% or more energy than you would with fluorescents! While LED light tubes might be pricey up front, they last much longer than their fluorescent counterparts, giving you, and your business, a much better ROI than the cheap stuff!

LED Lights for Light Electric Vehicles

Light electric vehicles (LEVs) have really come into their own over the past few years. They’re great for the environment and changing the world in other ways as well. Many of them, like the Swagtron hoverboard, have ultra-modern LED lights built-in to the vehicles themselves. Or, you can now purchase LED lights to put on an LEV or manual bicycle of your own!

LED Grow Lights

Now legal in many states, the growing and cultivating of marijuana has always been a, please excuse the pun, “green” business. Unfortunately, the lighting required for many high-volume operations are decidedly not environmentally friendly. So much so that utility companies in Washington State had to figure out how exactly to battle the rising energy costs that came in conjunction with their legalization effort.

Enter LED lights. For years they’d been written off as not having suitable power for the intricate science of growing the plant, but now that’s all changed as LED lights have grown increasingly sophisticated. While they’re more expensive upfront, they save growers much in the long term through lower energy and cooling costs.


The uses for LED lights are vast and continue to grow day in and day out. So the next time you see someone drooling over one of your Night Stars LED projectors, let them know that they’re not just for the yard anymore. They’re for the home, for the office, for the city and for the world!

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