Friday Night (Laser) Lights: Spectrum Laser Lights vs. Night Stars

March 13, 2017

Friday Night (Laser) Lights: Spectrum Laser Lights vs. Night Stars

Every Christmas season it seems like there are more families in our neighborhoods who decided to forgo the usual hazards of hanging strings of holiday lights and turn toward outdoor laser lights or LEDs. But as the demand grows so to does the amount of companies who swear up and down that their laser lights are the best, brightest and most reasonably priced. 

In this new marketplace of ratings and customer comments, how do we cut through the noise and get down to the bottom line?

In this article, we’re going to pit our Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser with Remote up against Spectrum Laser Lights’ SL-35 – Red/Green Moving Christmas 8 Pattern Laser Light. These two outdoor laser light projectors may seem similar at first glance but we’ll truly see which shines brighter. 

Let it be known, even though we at Night Stars are putting out this highly methodical comparison between our companies there will in no way be any implicit bias. We are doing this for the sake of economy and science and will remain totally neutral (for the most part) for the benefit our laser light customers the world over.  

SL-35 – Red/Green Moving Christmas 8 Pattern Laser Light Vs. Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser with Remote


One of the first things you’re going to do in your comparison-shopping is check the price tag. Good work is never going to be cheap and cheap work is never going to be good but, hey, we all value a bargain!

The SL-35’s list price is a reasonable $159.00. This seems to be a good value especially when you consider we charge just about $199.99 for our Dual Moving 12-Pattern Laser. 

But wait just a minute because when you shop early you save, and, right now, our light projector can be had for just $149.99! 

Not convinced on saving just ten bucks? How about $104.99? Because, unlike Spectrum Laser Lights, at Night Stars, you can save $30 on a certified reconditioned projector. Did we mention that reconditioned projectors still come with our ironclad 100% free warranty?

Edge: Night Stars



The SL-35 is made from high-grade aluminum and brass while our projector is made from ABS plastic. We know what you’re saying: “Isn’t aluminum and brass going to be stronger than plastic?” 

Yes, but at a price. ABS plastic is known in part for durability and in part because it doesn’t conduct heat as well as metals will. What does this mean for your outdoor laser light? It means if you put your projector in direct sunlight and the temperature starts rising, the circuits in our ABS plastic won’t fry! 

Further than that, our projectors have an internal heating and cooling mechanism so your projector will be able to regulate itself in extreme heat or cold.

And the SL-35? No such mechanism.

Edge: Night Stars

The Laser Light Show

At the end of the day, nothing is more important than the quality of the light show. A quick comparison of the demo videos displayed on both our site and Spectrum Laser Light’s is all the evidence you’ll need.

If you watch the video on Spectrum Laser Light’s site, you’ll notice how the SL-35’s patterns are small and blurred in spots, with some of the patterns almost impossible to make out.

Is that Santa’s face or an ice cream cone?

Actually, it’s a Christmas tree.

On the other hand, our projector shines brilliant bold lines and big patterns. There’s no mistaking that solemn angel or those spooky bats that are sure to get your light display noticed!

That’s not to mention we’ve got them beat by sheer numbers and breadth of holidays for which you can use our projectors. They admit that their projector is for Christmas only with just eight different patterns. The Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser with Remote boasts twelve different patterns for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and all others in between!

Edge: Night Stars

When it comes to your next (or first) outdoor laser light projector, the choice is clear: Buy Night Stars!

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