Top 5 Reasons to Buy Laser Lights

January 28, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Laser Lights

We’re positive you’ve seen them before. Maybe at a friend’s house around the holidays, in one of those ‘As Seen On TV’ shops or maybe even ‘as seen on TV,’ like, actually on the television (like in the old days!) and one thing’s for sure— you’re going to be seeing them a lot more! 

And for good reason! These laser light projectors are more than just a fad. Instead, laser lights are a new and innovative way to brighten up your home or business in a professional manner while not breaking the bank.

Here are some great reasons why a laser light projector (or four) might be a good idea for you!

 5. Way Easier than Christmas Lights

Most folks will spend countless hours and risk their lives hanging Christmas lights, clinging to rickety ladders and their slanted, icy roofs. In fact, the CDC estimates that 5,800 people a year will be injured hanging Christmas lights on their home! 

What’s worse is when it comes time to take them down by the first of the New Year or risk being the “weird neighbors.”   

That’s one of the reasons we created these laser lights—it’s easy in and easy out. Simply submerge the stake and your home’s plain ol’ vinyl siding is transformed into an outdoor holiday wonderland and, when it’s time to remove them, it’s just as easy— just pick them up!  

4. Way More Environmental than Christmas Lights

Nobody wants to be that guy at the holidays. You know, the one who circulates around the Christmas party telling everyone how environmentally unsound Christmas lights are but offers no alternative other than to “not have them at all.”

Unfortunately, that guy’s got a point. A typical 100-bulb Christmas light display turned on for six hours a day over the holiday period consumes the same amount of energy as 22.8 days worth of electricity for the average home on top of what you’re already using with your in-home lights!

So what to do? You could buy all-new LED Christmas lights, although this will cost you a pretty penny to be sure and you’ll still have to risk life and limb to hang them (see above).

Or you could just get a handy laser Christmas lights projector, which uses environmentally friendly and energy-economical LED lights that cover up to 6,000 sq. ft. of your home, instead. 

The choice seems pretty obvious.

3. They’re Not Just for Christmas Anymore

Most people think of laser light projectors and immediately think of Christmas. But there are plenty of other holidays to think about as well!

We have projectors that are able to generate images with spooky bats, patriotic rockets bursting in air and festive fall leaves to go along with your cornucopia. There are even Shamrocks for your favorite drinking holiday and pink and red hearts to show that special someone you’re ready for Valentine’s Day.

So when you think “holidays” don’t just think of those in December but those that happen all year round!

2. They’re Not Just For the Holidays Anymore

We’ve talked plenty about the holidays (Christmas and otherwise) and, yes, you’re going to use the projectors a lot then too. But, honestly, these laser light projectors aren’t just for the holidays anymore.

Think about every time you throw a party and the kind of environment you try to cultivate. You want people to come in, forget their worries and have a good time. You’re trying to build another world, one that’s light years away from kids, work or problems. What better way to make your home seem whimsical or other worldly than with a light display?

Similarly to our other holiday designs, our projectors are able to produce a star shower, balloons for birthdays and even butterflies (because who doesn’t love a butterfly?). Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more “retro,” try a spinning vortex!  

1. They’re Not Just for Your Home Anymore

If you’re an entrepreneur, these laser lights for your small business could be a game-changer. There is an abundance of information showing just how important ambience is to a business, but going out and buying a bunch of expensive lighting could quickly sink your bottom line.

Therefore, a laser light projector on the patio or back porch may provide just the right amount of low-lighting ambience that you need. Likewise, if you’ve got a big blank wall with nothing to hang, project one of our lights or images. Our light projectors are perfect for an intimate restaurant, busy nightclub or neighborhood bar!


Whether you’re having a Christmas shindig, Fourth of July spectacular or just a plain ol’ Friday night party, our laser lights will no doubt be an integral, and awesome, part of your décor!

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