Laser Light Extravaganza: The Night Stars Celebration Series

May 01, 2017

celebration series laser lights


As the name might suggest, our Celebration Series is one of the most celebrated of all our product lines. Right now, this entire series of laser light projectors is on sale so you can own one of the fantastic projectors for pennies on the dollar! In this post, we’ve laid out all of the particulars of these awe-inspiring projectors that are sure to enliven your home for years to come!

Digital Window Decorating Kit with 12 Holiday Videos

By far one of our most unique light projectors is the Digital Window Decorating Kit with 12 Holiday Videos. This projector recalls the old window decorations of neighborhood parties and the famous window displays of New York City, except with a 21st Century twist!

Choose from 12 amazing designs—4 for Christmas and an astounding 8 for Halloween! There are falling snowflakes, festive partygoers, walking zombies and a witch conjuring potions. This projector is sure to be the smash of any holiday party!

Holiday Charms – LED 12-Pattern Motion Projection Light

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the Holiday Charms – LED 12 Pattern Motion Light projector just might be it. Load in one of the 12 slides and watch your home become flooded with festive LED lights!

Some of the patterns you can expect are snowflakes for a winter wonderland, falling orange and red leaves for Thanksgiving and red and pink hearts for an amorous Valentine’s evening.

But you can also expect displays for those fun-filled Friday or Saturday night parties like classy white polka dots and balloons for that birthday or graduate. Keep them still or pick one of 3 motion speeds—the choice is yours!

Moving 5 Patter Laser Light with Remote

Our Moving 5 Pattern Laser will give you an epic year-round light display! Glittering lights, laser Christmas trees and more all at the touch of a button. Keep them still or cycle through each of the displays and get a little more WOW factor out of your next holiday get-together! And just like all of our other wonderful light projectors, this one comes with a free 3-year warranty, durable cast aluminum casing and 3000 sq. ft. of coverage!

Dual Moving 12-Pattern Red & Green Laser with Remote

There are so many wonderful features that make the Dual Moving 12 Pattern Red & Green Laser Light with Remote exceptional. For Christmas, there’s a traditional Christmas ornament, jolly Santa Clause replete with full beard and a smiling mustache, a candy cane, a snowflake, ringing bells and a star!  

By far, one of the most popular images is the solemn angel sounding a trumpet. When you flip the motion setting on, it actually appears as if there are multiple angels flying around the façade of your home! You’ve got to see it to believe it! 

But it’s not just Christmas, but other holidays too! Valentine’s Day has a heart that you can display to surprise your sweetheart. Halloween has a bat in flight and a witch on her broom and, using the motion settings, you can have them fluttering around your home or garden to the delight of your guests and neighbors! And the speckled dot lights are perfect for holidays, party nights or anytime!

Turn your home or garden into a moving or static laser light display in no time!

Red & Green Laser with Interchangeable Tips with Remote

The miracle of laser lights truly comes alive with the Red & Green Laser with Interchangeable Tips with Remote. Simply change out one of the tips and go from Christmas trees to smiling, spooky jack-o-lanterns. If the holidays have ended, don’t put away your lights just yet! There are three other light patterns to choose from for year-round laser light displays!


Whether you’re getting ready to gear up for a holiday party, or just want to beautify your back patio, our LED and laser light projectors are the smart choice. And, with our incredible spring sale, there’s no better time to buy!

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a laser light or light projector today!

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