5 Ways Christmas Light Projectors Save You Money!

September 12, 2017

5 Ways Christmas Light Projectors Save You Money!

During the holiday season, everyone loves Christmas lights. Not only are they beautiful, but they also show the world—or at least your neighborhood—your holiday spirit. There’s just one problem, putting up Christmas lights every December isn’t always the best idea. 

It can be a long, painful process to pull out your myriad boxes stuffed with lights, untangle all the strings, check all the bulbs, and then decorate. Let’s be honest. We’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to mess with thousands of lights. That’s why we love Christmas light projectors.

A Christmas light projector is a much easier and better way to show your holiday spirit. Even better, it saves you money! That means a bigger budget for gifts, food, and parties.

So, how exactly will a Christmas light projector save you money?

How Christmas Light Projectors Boost Your Bank 

Long Lasting LEDs 

LED lights have a much longer lifespan than typical Christmas light bulbs. In fact, you can expect your LED lights to last 13.7 years if you use your lights ten hours a day. That’s over ten times as long as a regular bulb. What does this mean for you?

No longer will you have to go through strings of lights looking for burnt out bulbs to replace. You also won’t need to throw out full strings of lights because they’ve reached their lifespan. Instead, you make one investment in an LED-powered Christmas light projector and can enjoy over a decade of holiday spirit. 

No Annual Cost

Let’s be honest. Most of us buy new strings of lights every year at Christmas time because it’s just so much easier. No one wants to deal with tangled strings, burnt out bulbs, and dull light, which happens at the end of every Christmas season.

With a Christmas light projector, you spend your money once and enjoy for years to come! 


Pulling out the ladder and crawling onto the roof to string lights isn’t the safest idea. In fact, far too often you hear of accidents around the holiday season, which results in expensive hospital bills and time off work. 

Sticking a Christmas light projector onto your front lawn keeps you off the roof and out of the hospital. No more dangerous climbing or pointless risks just to decorate your house.

With a Christmas light projector, you can color your home in lights from your lawn to the top of your roof with almost no effort. You don’t need to buy a ladder, use a safety harness, or put yourself in harm’s way at all with a projector.

Lower Bills

LEDs use far less electricity than typical Christmas lights. In fact, over the lifetime of a typical string of Christmas lights, you’ll pay five to ten times as much as the cost of the bulb itself in electricity. On the other hand, LED lights are 10 to 15 times more efficient, which saves you money.

Also, it’s easy to see the comparison when you look at the number of lights you need to light up your entire house. With traditional string Christmas lights, you typically require at least twenty strings of 200 to 300 lights each. For that same coverage, you only need one Christmas light projector for 6000 square feet of lights! The energy savings is astronomical. 

Less Time

How much time do you spend every December stringing up Christmas lights?

Do you dedicate an entire weekend? Two weekends? Do you have to hire someone else to help out?

No matter how you put up your Christmas lights, unless you decorate a single bush you have to spend hours if not days getting everything just right. Then, there’s the additional time required when a string of lights goes out in the middle of December or a week before Christmas.

With a Christmas light projector, the only time you are required to give is however long it takes to stick a stake in the ground and play with the remote control to make the light display of your dreams.

Better yet, you can change up your light display every week of the Christmas season without any additional work. All you have to do is push a few buttons.


We love the Christmas season, but there’s already enough to do without adding on additional work. A Christmas light projector let’s you enjoy the holiday season while saving money and time. Discover how a Christmas light projector can change your holiday season, now!

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