Top 5 Best Selling Laser Lights to Illuminate Your World

February 01, 2017

Top 5 Best Selling Laser Lights to Illuminate Your World

Sometimes folks are only interested in the best. We realize this and also realize that you want to know what products other customers are buying, who’s displaying what and when, and the absolute best way to get the most out of your dollar. That’s why we’ve assembled a squad of our best selling laser lights to make your shopping experience easier!

1. Holiday Charms – LED 12-Pattern Motion Projection Light

LED Projection Light - 12 Holiday themes

For us, this LED Light projector might be the leader of the pack. Now on sale for $99.99, it might also be one of the best deals we offer. Load in one of the 12 slides and watch your home become transformed into a veritable castle awash in festive LED lights! 

Some of the patterns you can expect are snowflakes for a winter wonderland, falling orange and red leaves for your Thanksgiving feast and red and pink hearts for a romantic Valentine’s evening. 

But you can also expect displays for those fun-filled Friday or Saturday night parties like classy white polka dots and balloons for that birthday or graduate. Keep them still or pick one of 3 motion speeds, the choice is yours!

2. Laser Lights with 12 Patterns

Laser Light Project - red and green christmas themed

At just $149.99, our 12-pattern laser light projector is sure to be a hit at the holidays. And if you’re the thrifty type, we also offer refurbished versions of these for an absolute steal at $104.99! 

You have your choice of snowflakes and candy canes, a solemn angel or a funny little Santa face. Of course, it’s not just a Christmas light; spooky bats and witches fly around for Halloween and hearts float for V-Day! 

Some kits also include a radio-frequency remote, meaning that if you get tired of that display of polka dots and want to change it, but you’re all the way in the kitchen, no problem! Change it to a star with the press of a button.

3. Red, Green, & Blue Laser with Remote – Single

red, green, and blue laser light

Tired of hanging strand upon strand of X-mas lights or rightfully afraid that you or someone you love will be injured doing so? 

Then make the switch to one of our famous laser holiday light displays. Our Red, Green, and Blue Laser Light Projector with remote is one of our favorites and boasts the “original” Night Stars laser light displays. The projector produces a glittering single, duo or trio of colors and, with the cool blue color, makes the perfect laser light projector for Hanukkah! 

Just like some of our other models, this projector comes with our radio-frequency remote for easy light changes from a considerable distance! And did we mention our lights are up to FIVE TIMES STRONGER than the competition? Astronauts agree— you can see our laser light displays from space! (Okay, not really, but our laser lights are sure to make the hit of your neighborhood!)

3,000 sq. ft. of coverage not enough for your home? Buy these lights in packs of 2 or more and save! 

4. Red, Green, & Blue, 16 LED with Remote

red, blue, and green laser light with 16 LED lights

Many, many people ask us what makes our Red, Green, and Blue, 16 LED different from our other lights? Don’t they have the same great, environmentally friendly laser lights but just, like, more of them? Well, yes, but there’s something extra-special and you might not even notice it, but that’s kind of the point. This laser light projector also boasts a soft and subtle, color-changing floodlight for added ambience!

5. Moving 5 Pattern Laser with Remote – Single

red and green Christmas patterned laser light

Not only is our Moving 5 Pattern Laser one of the most fun, it’s also the one that will leave the most change in your wallet!

Currently on sale for $79.99, you can have an epic light display for less than the cost of your premium cable package! Glittering lights, laser Christmas trees and more, all at the touch of a button.

Keep them still or cycle through each of the displays and get a little more WOW factor out of your next holiday get-together! And just like all of our other wonderful light projectors, this one comes with a free 3-year warranty, durable cast aluminum casing and 3000 sq. ft. of coverage!

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