5 Amazing DIY Ideas to Brighten Up Your Yard This Summer

June 09, 2017

DIY Ideas for your yard

It’s summertime and, though the lawn might be beginning to get a little brown, the honey-do list just keeps on growing. We don’t know how it got to be this way—just when it seems you should be staying indoors with the A/C on high so to better avoid all the oppressive sun and heat, you’re forced into the backyard. Look at it this way, once the summer is over you’ll be like a Picasso of the yard or a veritable Mozart of your outdoors living spaces.

Perhaps you’re still dealing with a weed-tangled mess of brown and slouching grass. Or, maybe you’ve already begun the process this past spring and are looking to keep progress moving. Either way, we’ve got a great list of DIY projects that will brighten and beautify your outdoor living spaces this summer! 

5. Outdoor Movie Screen

One of the best things we saw this summer was an outdoor screen for movie nights under the stars. For the kids, you can screen all their favorite animated movies and, when they’re off to bed, the adults can cozy up to a showing of Friday the 13th or Sleepaway Camp.

The construction of your outdoor cinema is surprisingly simply and all it takes is screen fabric (or a white sheet or canvas will do), and some hangars and you’re good to go! Of course, the projector might set you back a bit, but can you really put a price on good times and great movies?

4. Stepping Stones

When you’ve got to get your guests safely from one side of your yard to the other (especially when they’ve had a couple glasses of wine), one of the best ways to do this is a path of stepping stones!

Sure, you could easily buy some from one of your local hardware store, or just submerge some cement blocks, but where’s the whimsy in that? Instead, might we suggest doing what these DIYers did and use large rhubarb leaves to make their stepping stones!

The entire process is fairly easy and could a fun project that even the kids can enjoy!

If you don’t have rhubarb leaves, you can also use rubber doormats to create the pathway of your dreams!

3. Create a Backyard Wonderland

Especially if some of the young ones have birthdays coming up, this could be a great idea. There are a few things you can do to make this veritable dreamscape a reality.

  • One of the more creative ways to spice up your backyard wonderland is by turning an old stump or even just the trunk of a tree into a “gnome home.” Gnomes, if you don’t know, are little woodland sprites that are said to be helpful to humans (unlike fairies and trolls). All you need to do is craft a couple of windows and doors and glue them on the tree! Best of all, there are a number of breathtakingly creative ways you can do this cute project!
  • Another great idea is to use a laser light projector to turn that dark and drab back yard into a feast for the eyes. If you really want to induce that WOW factor into your outdoor living space might we suggest the Spinning Vortex LED, Red, Green Lasers with Remote! This light projector creates a psychedelic spinning laser vortex that will keep your guests, both young and old, enthralled for hours!

2. Build a Garden Playhouse

If you’re interested in a longer project or one that’s a bit more permanent, try building one of these amazing garden playhouses.

The construction can be as simple or as advanced as you choose. Any way you size it you’re going to have a great space for your young ones to play or even a nice place for the adults to lounge and get away for a while.

1. Hang a Hammock

There’s probably nothing so great as to kick back in a hammock and swing. Anytime you climb in, you can bet that there’s an easy breeze, a good book and maybe even an afternoon nap in your future.

Hanging a hammock is a snap and there are some great ideas out there for how to make it truly your own space.

If you’re a true DIYer, you can also make your own hammock from scratch! This way, you can have a truly unique-to-you place to spend those long summer evenings!


As you can see, spicing up your lawn this summer doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be as simple as staking in a couple of new laser or LED light projectors, or as involved as building an entire structure. Try dragging the kids outside and working together to create a beautiful space for you, your family and your friends! 

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