6 Amazing Outdoor Laser Light Accessories for Your Yard

August 24, 2017

6 Amazing Outdoor Laser Light Accessories for Your Yard

If you didn’t think outdoor laser lights were exciting enough on their own, wait until you see some of our amazing laser light accessories! That’s right, we here at Night Stars love to accessorize as much as you do and we’ve got plenty of products that will help your laser light projector truly sparkle and shimmer their brightest. 

If you’ve had your heart set on picking up some of these necessary little items but aren’t quite set on pulling the trigger then this article is for you. Here, we’re going to give you a overview of these six incredible accessories for your LED and laser lights so you can see just what makes each of them so unique and how they’ll take your outdoor laser lights to the next level!

Without further adieu, let’s get on with the outdoor laser light accessories!

6. The Rugged Weather Cord Protector 

Have you ever worried that your outdoor laser lights are going to suddenly go dark when a bad storm comes through? Do you have the irrational fear that your children or pets will be electrocuted when the ground outside is marshy and your electrical connections are exposed? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then we’ve got the accessory for you! 

The Weather Cord Protector will help keep those precious cords protected from the weather. Fear those winter storms no more! Simply, place connected plugs into the Night Stars Landscape Lighting Weather Cord Protector, fitting the cord into the positioner and tabs on either side of the box. This way, the connected plugs are pressed securely against one another and become weather proof for outdoor use.

5. The Unbeatable Replacement Slides for Holiday Charms – LED 12-Pattern Motion Projection Light

It happens to all of us—we move houses and half the Christmas decorations seem to walk right out the door and down the street, never to be seen again. The slides for our Holiday Charms – LED 12-Pattern Motion Projection Light are, unfortunately, no different.

If you find yourself in need of some replacement slides, there’s only one place you can find certified slide replacements and that’s right here on our website! 

Get your projector back in action and really WOW-ing those guests as soon as you possibly can!

4. The Stalwart 12-Volt Connector

Have you ever wanted to hook your Night Stars outdoor laser lights up to a power source that only accepts 12V connectors? Something like a car outlet charger perhaps? Well, look no further than our 12-Volt Connector, which is perfect for doing just that! 

Never let another 12-Volt outlet stand in your way again!

WARNING: The 12-Volt Connector is not for use with all lights, namely the Night Stars Landscape Lighting Celebration Series (12 Patterns).

3. The Breathtaking Lighting Clip Mount

Are you one of those people who just can’t stand to have things scattered all over the dirty old ground? Or maybe you’re just worried about the lights being a hazard when you’ve got holiday revelers around your lawn? Perhaps you just want to be able to use your lights indoors without having to stake them into the carpet?

If so, then our Lighting Clip Mount should be the next product on your shopping list! 

Easily hang your outdoor laser lights in seconds without having to hammer anything into the dirt! The best part is, this clip mount is compatible with all of our lights!

2. The Handy Grey Replacement Remote

What’s the actual worst thing you can think of? 

Go on.

Think long and hard about it.

Did you answer, “Losing the remote to your television set?” Because we did! Having to get up every time you want to change the channel (which is getting increasingly harder in the age of digital streaming services) is probably one of the modern world’s most taxing activities. 

Now, think how bad it is when you misplace the remote to your amazing outdoor laser lights. Unfortunately, because of the specialized technology inside each one of our lights, going down to the corner store and buying a generic remote is out of the question.

That’s why we offer the Grey Replacement Remote. If you lose your remote, simply order another, follow the easy steps to sync the new remote with your existing laser lights and voila, changing the settings on your projector is easy again!

1. The Incredible Lighting Tripod

If staking your laser lights into the ground just isn’t an option and there’s nowhere to hang them either, then perhaps you should invest in the Lighting Tripod!

The lighting tripod allows you to display your incredible outdoor laser lights without all the grunt work!


Before you hurriedly order your lights and head to the checkout page, make sure you check out some of our amazing laser light accessories!

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